2015 Nankang MX150R Series – Cadwell Race Report

Dengate and Mutch share victories


Early entries were needed to secure a grid spot for the 750MC Sports Specials trip to Cadwell Park meaning unfortunately Chris Lovett, the runaway winner at Croft missed out leaving the door wide open for Kevin Dengate to capitalise on this misfortune.


With rain in the air and a dying track, qualifying was set to be a hard fought battle and it didn’t disappoint! Kevin Dengate hit the track running and put in a good first 4 laps with Stewart Mutch taking longer to get up-to race pace. Russell Clarke, Micky Scott and Sylvia Mutch were just settling into the flow when one of the other Sports Specials runners hit the wall coming down from the Goose-neck and red flagged the session. With only 3 laps being completed most, and the 2 fastest laps being used for the grid positions, many of the cars were out of position for the grid line-up.

Race 1

Dengate started at the front of the MX150Rs with Stewart Mutch directly behind him. Scott lined up behind Clark with the only non-supercharged car of Sylvia Mutch completing the grid.

Stewart Mutch got a blistering start and had the jump on Dengate before they crossed the start line but had to lift on the exit of Charlies to avoid rear-ending the car in front and allowed Dengate to close back up and make the pass down Park Straight.

Scott got a better launch than Clarke and by the end of the first lap had taken the place, Mutch was still finding the grip on a damp and drying circuit and was determined to keep the cars she out qualified behind her.

Dengate was pulling out a healthy lead with Mutch struggling with the wet setup on a dry track and outbraked himself going into Park Corner on Lap 2 and spun on the wet grass.

This allowed Clarke who had retaken the position and Scott to go past. On lap 3, another Sports Specials driver hit the wall and for the second time of the day the red flag was brought out.

The grid was reformed using the previous laps positions meaning Dengate was at the front, Scott and Clarke were side-by-side, Stewart Mutch 2 rows further back and Sylvia Mutch just behind. Another good launch at the restart from Mutch saw him take 4 places before Park Straight with Scott getting the jump on Clarke and defending well into Park Corner allowed him to keep the place through Chris Curve. The places stayed the same for the rest of the lap with Scott defending his position from Clarke and Mutch right on the back of him going into Chris Curve.

Clarke make a daring move around the outside going into the Gooseneck to take second from Scott!
Mutch lunged down the inside of his team mate Scott into Mansfield and brushed the rear wheel of Scotts car resulting in Scott completing a perfect 360 on the exit.

Due to the red flag, the shortened race was only 3 laps long, so Mutch spent the last lap hunting down Clarke in an effort to get back into second. Dengate had a comfortable lead and crossed the line first. Further back, the straight line speeds of Clarke and Mutch being so evenly matched, overtaking would have to wait for the bends. Mutch had a good run out of the Gooseneck and had the inside line going through Mansfield but Clarke wasn’t giving up the place easily. Both were side-by-side along the straight upto the mountain where Mutch held the inside line and Clarke relinquished the place to finish third.
Scott made a good recovery from his spin to cross the line fourth, with Sylvia Mutch completing her first race at Cadwell Park in fifth.

Race 2

With the weather improving significantly over night, the crowd were set for an action packed second race. The grid formed up as the previous day with Dengate up front, Stewart Mutch just behind, Clarke then Scott, with Sylvia Mutch snapping at their heels.

Dengate got another poor start and was bumped by the MEV Rocket of Leighton Norris allowing Mutch to take the lead. The red mist descended on Dengate and he was hot on the heels of Mutch down the Park Straight. Mutch who obviously learned from the previous day’s pass managed to hold the place down the straight into Park corner while Dengate tried everything to pass.

A good drive over the Mountain brought Dengate alongside Mutch going into Hall Bends, with Mutch on the left and Dengate on the right, neither were going to relent. Dengate had his nose in front into the first left hander but got a rear wheel on the grass, Mutch took the inside grass to avoid the inevitable spin Dengate was starting. Mutch kept the car pointing forwards and got back onto the track leaving Dengate cursing his impatience.

Further back Clarke was easing away from Scott and Sylvia Mutch was battling hard to keep her place from one of the more powerful Sports Specials Class B competitors.

Mutch didn’t have any more hassle from Dengate and took the win with relative ease by over 15 seconds. Dengate eventually retired 2 laps from the finish with a misfire, promoting Clarke to second nearly 45 seconds ahead of Scott. Syliva Mutch rounded up the top 4.

The series now has a 6 week summer holiday before rounds 9 and 10 at Snetterton on August 1st and 2nd.

Words: Stewart Mutch
Pictures: Jonathan Elsey (www.jonelseyphotography.photoshelter.com)