2016 MX5 Cup – Silverstone Race Report

MX5’s are the stars of Silverstone


Rounds 15 and 16 of the 5 Club Racing MX5 Cup took place on the Silverstone international circuit. The racing was outstanding – tight, close battling with multiple place changes throughout the order every lap.


Adam Bessell posted the fastest time during the wet 15 minute qualifying session. The time he set was a 1:37.55, less than a tenth faster than Mike Comber, who is on a role currently just missing one victory in the last five races. Ben Short and Will Blackwell-Chambers were next fastest, less than a third of a second off of pole position.


Returning to racing, JJ Clements took fifth – just ahead of Jack Sycamore, who completed the runners within a second of pole. Sam’s Smith and Tatler were followed by Mark Willetts and Brian Trott, who concluded the top ten.



Race 1

Pole man Bessell lost out off the line from the outside pole line, and fell to sixth by the end of the first tour with Comber leading Short and Blackwell-Chambers.


Short took his turn to lead, and then Blackwell-Chambers did so on lap four. The trio continued to change places as Comber led lap five.



On the fifth tour Short challenged Comber into Vale but instead fell behind Blackwell-Chambers and they ran side-by-side down to Abbey. They both lost out with Sycamore moving ahead of the pair and into second. WBC also fell behind Smith and into fifth.



A crazy seventh lap saw Brian Trott move from seventh to second in the space of the Hangar Straight as Sycamore got muscled out wide at Village and launched back onto the circuit at the Link which slowed the pack down. This also allowed Comber to make a break.



Comber went on to win by three seconds to Trott but the battle continued to rage behind. After falling back to seventh, Sycamore once more ran third by lap ten but before the end Blackwell-Chambers fought back passed one of his championship rivals.



Therefore, giving Blackwell-Chambers third with Sycamore and Bessell behind. Smith took sixth, despite moving into third at Club on lap nine. Short dropped to seventh at the end.


Jason Greatrex finished a lonely eighth, with the dicing Tatler and Clements behind. Harry Deane, Martin James, Scott Leach, Christian Young and Stephen Craggs concluded the top fifteen after a great battle.

Race 2

A strong start from Sycamore saw him lead from fourth by the end of the opening lap. He held on to that position until the fourth tour when race one winner Comber passed him.


The following lap saw Sycamore and Blackwell-Chambers slipstream their way ahead of Comber. But the constant place changing didn’t stop there as on lap six Sycamore was down to fourth. Comber repassed Blackwell-Chambers on the seventh tour and Short, who had fallen as low as fifth led on lap eight.


A fantastic move at Club on the eighth tour saw Blackwell-Chambers pass both Short and Comber. Comber replicated that move on the following lap to pass Short for second.


Blackwell-Chambers fell to fourth on lap eleven – gifting the lead back to Comber. Comber looked good for the double win but got sideways at Club on the final lap, ran wide and both Short and Sycamore squeezed through. Therefore the podium being – Short, Sycamore and Comber.


Greatrex started the final lap in seventh but finished fourth – ahead of Blackwell-Chambers, Smith and Bessell. The top seven concluded the race separated by just 1.25 seconds in a race with countless place changes – one of the most exciting races in British Motorsport all season.


Behind the leading excitement, Tatler was the best of the rest – ahead of James, who was competing in five races over the weekend. Leach, Young and Clements – also involved in the battle for eighth – were next up. Courtney Miles beat Marcus Bailey in the battle for 13th.

Heading to Rockingham, a four way tussle in emerging for championship honours with Jack Sycamore heading the adjusted points tables but only narrowly with Will Blackwell-Chambers, Ben Short and Sam Smith close behind.

Full Race Results

Words: Joshua Barrett

Pictures: Jonathan Elsey (www.jonelseyphotography.photoshelter.com)