2017 MX5 Cup Championship Open For Business

Hi Peeps,

Good news, the 2017 MX5 Cup Championship sponsored by Davanti is open for business, we are finally able to begin taking registrations for the championship on-line with our fully automated system.

MX5 Cup Championship Regulations

Login to the “5 Club Racing” website if you already have a login, then click on any of the Register or Membership Plan links on the site, unregistered users just need to click the links, this will take you to the relevant page(s) to begin the registration process.

Please read the on-line registration form carefully, make sure you fill out the form in full, all fields are required, any information you do not know, like “Transponder No.” for example, just put “Unknown/Renting” or something similar.

Please make sure your name, address, etc. is all correct, we cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly entered information which leads to incorrectly processed applications.

Last years race numbers will be put on retention for last years entrants until the 28th of February, after that numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Numbers 1 to 6 are reserved.

You can ignore the “Coupon Code” field as this does not need to be filled out unless you have been given coupon prior to registration.

Once you have completed the form click the “Purchase MX5 Cup Championship Entrance” button, this will take you to PayPal using your entered email address as the default PayPal login address, change as necessary then enter you password and complete the purchase. Once the payment has completed you will be automatically redirected back to the “5 Club Racing” website to the confirmation page. You will receive email notifications for your transaction, these may be delayed up to 24 hours While PayPal processes your payment. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before applying or the transaction will not complete, but you may still receive a welcome email, this is not your guarantee of championship acceptance so please check your PayPal account if you are unsure.

Please remember you have to be a member of the 750mc as well as “5 Club Racing” in order to register on race days, so if your 750mc membership has expired please don’t forget to renew this before submitting your MX5 Cup Championship registration.

Please let us know if you experience any problems so that we may address them as soon as possible.

Darren and Alyn