MX150R 750mc Sport Specials Championship


This year the MX150R’s are joining up with the 750mc Sports Specials Championship.

Catering for genuine ‘production’ Sports Specials, Kit Cars, Caterhams, & Westfields as well as’ one-off’ road-going two-seater specials, all using production car engines with modifications, so an interesting mix of multiple classed cars to pit your wits against.

As well as the MX150R’s, classes are 2000cc Duratec; 1800cc Zetec incorporating Westfield Cup Class and Tiger Zetec’s; Roadgoing two-seater specials including one-off Sport Specials/Caterham R300/R400 with power-to-weight ratio up to 340bhp/tonne.


2017 Regulations


MX150R Official Tyre Supplier

Join The Fun

You will first need to join the membership of our hosting club, the 750mc, follow the link below for details on how to join.

Join 750mc Membership

Registration is controlled directly by the 750mc, registration forms are all available via they’re website and fees will be paid direct to 750mc Sports Special championship, see details in the following link.

750mc Sport Special Championship

Any questions please contact me direct on 07802360477 or