2016 MX5 Cup – Cadwell Park Race Report

Comber and Sycamore take fourth wins


An over-capacity 29 cars took to the Cadwell Park Circuit for Rounds 13 and 14 of the 5 Club Racing MX5 Cup. On adjusted scores, just seven points separated Jack Sycamore, Sam Smith, Will Blackwell-Chambers and Ben Short heading to Lincolnshire, make good results vital.


Triple Anglesey winner Mike Comber continued his strong momentum and posted the quickest time in Qualifying. He found a clear lap and posted a 1:45.71. That time was almost two tenths quicker than championship contender Blackwell-Chambers. WBC beat Short by just 0.02 seconds though. Attempting to hold on to the championship lead Sycamore came fourth.


Sebastien Fisher set the fifth fastest time and a further four other drivers posted a time within a second of pole man Comber, proving the competitiveness of the 5 Club series even on the tricky Cadwell Park. Adam Bessell, Samuel Smith, Jason Greatrex and Sam Smith were the drivers that also lapped within a second of Comber.

Race 1

Comber made a strong enough start to lead into Coppice Corner. Blackwell-Chambers followed him throughout the distance and was never more than a second behind. Despite this he was unable to make a serious assault for the lead. So, instead he settled for important championship points – beating his main three rivals.


Sycamore attempted to get ahead of WBC on the third tour at the Mountain but ended up using a grassy route up the famous hill. That allowed his team-mate Bessell to move ahead. Sycamore had to avoid a Bessell at Mansfield on the following lap which caused the championship leader to take an extremely grassy and bumpy route back to the circuit. That promoted slow-starting Short to fourth. Sycamore fell to eighth.


Bessell, struggling with his brakes, fell down the order as the race went on and after falling to sixth arrived at Park with complete brake failure and wiped out fourth placed Fisher. Short held on to third with Sycamore being promoted to fourth. He had already repassed Samuel Smith and Greatrex – who completed the top six.


On the tail of Greatrex, Sam Smith could only manage seventh and was the lowest finisher of the four headline championship contenders. Sam Tatler held off Harry Deane for eighth after a race-long scrap. The pair made the most of a spin for Roger Chesneau on lap two. Chesneau completed the race down in 18th.


Scott Leach moved past Marcus Bailey on lap eight to complete the top ten. Ben Hancy, who was also involved in that battle, came twelfth. Christian Young took 13th and led home a five car battle. He beat Stephen Craggs, Scott Aprigliano, Ian Tomlinson and Mark Willetts. Aprigliano headed the battle at the start of the final lap but lost out to both Young and Craggs on that crucial tenth lap.


Race 2

The race results of race one set the grid for the second encounter and it was great to see both Fisher and Bessell make their way through the field after their unlucky race one incident.


Comber, who was hoping to make it five in a row, made it rather more difficult for himself with a slow start and he was scored in only fourth at the end of the opening tour. That left Blackwell-Chambers at the head of the pack. Short, who was four seconds behind in race one, made quick work of WBC and moved to the front on the second lap.


Sycamore followed Short through on the following tour and set after race leader, Short. Contact between the pair on the seventh lap saw Short drop to fourth. Sycamore went on to lead and held off the close attentions of Blackwell-Chambers and Comber to take his first victory since Croft in May.


Confusing everyone the two two Sam Smith’s battled for fifth. Sam (31) beat Samuel (42) with a pass on the seventh tour. A spin on lap two eliminated Greatrex from that battle.
Tatler held on to seventh, despite the close attentions of Deane. The latter passing Leach on lap three. Bailey completed the top ten with the charging Bessell and Fisher catching. The pair passing sixteen cars over the distance.


Young once again headed a great scrap. He beat Craggs and Willetts with Chesneau, Hancy and Matthew Short a bit further back.


The fantastic tight, twisty, undulating Cadwell Park once again created some excellent Mazda racing. At the completion of the event both Mike Comber and Jack Sycamore are the most winning drivers, on four. Strong weekends for Short and in particular, Blackwell-Chambers have also assisted their championship battle heading to Silverstone over the 20th and 21st of August. Rounds at Rockingham and Donington Park will follow to make up a busy, twenty round calendar.

Full Race Results

Words: Joshua Barrett

Pictures: Jonathan Elsey (www.jonelseyphotography.photoshelter.com)


2016 MX5 Cup – Snetterton Race Report

Blackwell-Chambers double


After Croft, it was decided that Jack Sycamore would be off to Europe to compete for a place in the Global Cup due to being the championship leader. However, the 5 Club Racing MX-5 Cup continued at Snetterton for rounds eight and nine of the Championship.

Thirty-nine cars headed out to qualify for the largest 5 Club entry and it was Will Blackwell-Chambers that won twice.


Newcomer to the championship, Brian Trott set the quickest time in the 15 minute qualifying session, setting a time of 2:21.86. He beat Will Blackwell-Chambers by an impressive four tenths of a second. Ben Short and Samuel Smith were also able to lap within a second of the pole man around the three mile circuit.

After a stint in the Club Enduro the day prior, championship leader Sycamore went fifth with Sam Smith and Marcus Bailey close in pursuit. Roger Chesneau, Harry Deane and Jason Greatrex completed the top ten. Mike Comber was excluded due to be underweight, so would have to start the opening race with a ten second penalty.

Race 1

Blackwell-Chambers immediately transformed his front row start into the race lead for the opening of two fifteen minute plus one lap encounters. He was followed by defending champion, Ben Short. The pair ran nose-to-tail throughout but Short couldn’t find a way ahead, which allowed Blackwell-Chambers to take his second victory of the season. Short finished second, two thirds of a second behind.

Samuel Smith also passed pole man Trott off the start but by the time they got to Brundle, Trott was back into third and was followed by Sycamore.

Trott pitted with a mechanical issue at half-distance which promoted Sycamore onto the podium. Samuel Smith had also fallen further down the pecking order, which meant Sam Smith battled with Sycamore. The sixth lap saw a change for that position with Smith getting ahead and holding on to finish third with Sycamore behind.


Samuel Smith passed Sam Tatler on the final lap to get fifth place back with Greatrex, Bailey and Sebastien Fisher close behind. However, Tatler was at the back of that train on the penultimate lap. The five cars completed the eight lap race separated by just a second.

Deane dropped off the battle ahead at half-distance and finished tenth with Chesneau behind.


Ian Tomlinson beat Grant Williamson and Paul Bateman. Comber took fifteenth after coming from the back with the penalty. He just beat Mark Willetts by 0.03 seconds. He gained three positions on the final lap alone after also moving ahead of Scott Leach and Christian Young had an off.

The top twenty was completed by Matthew Short, Tom Smith and Stuart Brittle.

Race 2

The second race grid is set by the finishing order of race one so Blackwell-Chambers had no one to pass off the line and he sprinted into the lead. He had Short and Sam Smith nearby throughout.


But he never looked back and made it a double victory. Race two saw a slightly larger winning margin, this time a second. Smith had a few looks to pass Short but couldn’t do it so stayed third.


Sycamore had a fairly lonely race to come fourth. Samuel Smith worked his way ahead of Tatler at Hamilton on the third lap. Smith pushed on and finished just over a second ahead of Sycamore.

Tatler slowed on the final lap with an engine issue and dropped to tenth. He had a broken HT lead, leaving the car on three cylinders. That promoted the flying Trott to sixth – he started 30th.


Greatrex just held off Comber to complete the race in seventh. Fisher finished just under a second behind the pair ahead.


Bailey passed Chesneau on the final lap to finish eleventh. Tomlinson and Deane finished behind. Leach, Short, Williamson, Dan Stewart, Tom Smith and Scott Aprigliano completed the top 20.


With Will Blackwell-Chambers taking a double victory, that brings him closer into the championship battle heading to the triple header at Anglesey. It’s a very tight battle this year at the head of field with five different race winners and others well in contention for the title.

Full Race Results

Words: Joshua Barrett

Pictures: Jonathan Elsey (www.jonelseyphotography.photoshelter.com)


5-Club Racer Sycamore heads to Europe

After a storming spring weekend at Croft Circuit, 5-Club racer Jack Sycamore will soon be jetting off to Barcelona as part of Mazda’s MX-5 Global Cup competition.
Thanks to Mazda UK, 5-Club competitors were given the opportunity to compete in the
Global Cup via a two-stage competition process, detailed by the 750 Motor Club back in April. The rules stated that whoever was leading the popular 5-Club roadster championship at the end of May 2016 would be invited to a European play-off, where the talented 750 Motor Club member would see themselves pitted up against the leaders of other UK and European MX-5 racing formulae.

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2016 MX5 Cup – Brands Hatch Race Report

Rogers and Blackwell-Chambers share Brands wins


A fantastic grid of 34 Mazda MX5’s arrived at Brands Hatch for rounds 3 and 4 of the 5 Club Racing MX5  Cup Championship.

James (the First) Rogers and Will Blackwell-Chambers took the victories in two closely fraught races.


Blackwell-Chambers set the quickest time in the fifteen minute qualifying session, which was very busy as 34 cars circulated the Indy Circuit. He set a lap time of 57.52 seconds, just 0.13 seconds faster than Stuart Symonds. Rogers also was within two tenths of the pole time.


Jack Sycamore and Adam Bessell likewise set a lap time under 58 seconds. Reigning champion Ben Short was next up with Roger Chesneau, Sam Smith, Scott Aprigliano and Sebastien Fisher completing the top ten.


The field was fantastically close with all 34 cars separated by 3.5 seconds and seventh to twenty-seventh were amazingly only separated by 0.7 seconds.

Race 1

The opening race saw a very busy entry into Paddock Hill Bend on the opening lap but the capacity-sized field squeezed their way through safely and strong-starting Rogers led but Blackwell-Chambers catapulted his way into the lead at Paddock on lap two. In WBC’s move to the front, Sycamore followed through, dropping Rogers to third.


Sycamore led on lap four but only to be edged wide at Druids on the following lap – allowing both Blackwell-Chambers and Rogers back ahead. Rogers wasted little time to hit the front once more as he passed WBC at Paddock on lap seven.


Sycamore also passed Blackwell-Chambers – but at Druids on lap eight to make it an AB Motorsport 1-2. Their fantastic scrap – which Symonds was closely observing in fourth – came to an end when red flags flew as Ian Tomlinson spun into the gravel.


That ended the race with Rogers winning – ahead of Sycamore, Blackwell-Chambers and Symonds.

It was close behind too. At times up to seven cars battled for fifth. Short held the position early on but dropped behind Bessell on lap five. Bessell would come home fifth with Short behind. Smith and Jason Greatrex were next up – Short, Smith and Greatrex finished with half a second. Greatrex moved up from 14th on the grid in a great drive.


Scott Leach and Chesneau completed the top ten. Stephen Craggs clung on to the two cars ahead but only could manage eleventh.


Sebastien Fisher was next up and finished with a gap to Harry Deane, Paul Monteith and Nigel Garrett who completed the top fifteen.

Race 2

Blackwell-Chambers managed to take the lead of race two at Surtees on the opening lap and never looked back in the 15 lapper. Rogers was unable to find a way back ahead despite only finishing 0.55 seconds back.


Bessell made a great start and was third but couldn’t hold on to that spot as Sycamore took the place on lap eight even though he was down in sixth earlier in the race. Bessell still came fourth and had Symonds and Short on his tail at the flag. Fisher beat Smith by three tenths to seventh.


In another tight finish – Leach beat Greatrex to ninth after Chesneau went off on the final lap. Craggs beat Scott Aprigliano to eleventh by just 0.06 seconds. Craggs moved into that position on lap eleven. Although, Aprigliano only started 21st so drove fantastically to grab twelfth.


Monteith, Deane and Jack Williams completed the top fifteen with Sam Tatler, Dan Stewart, Marco Aghem and Ben Hancy close behind – showing once more there are battles throughout the field in 5 Club MX5 racing wherever you are.

With the wins of James Rogers and Will Blackwell-Chambers at Brands, it has made four different winners so far in the 2016 5 Club Racing MX5 Championship in just four races.

They add their names to Adam Bessell and Ben Short – who won at Oulton Park.

The two races from Brands Hatch will be seen in the 750 Motor Club TV programme in the coming weeks.

Full Race Results

The next meeting is a triple header at Croft.

Words: Joshua Barrett

Pictures: Jonathan Elsey (www.jonelseyphotography.photoshelter.com)


2016 MX5 Cup Championship Drivers Lineup

Hi everyone,

With entries coming in thick and fast for this years “2016 MX5 cup Championship” we have created a new Drivers line-up page, now you can see who you will be pitted against in this years championship.

If you want to reserve your number for the championship we suggest you register without delay. As we’ve gone paperless for registrations this year you can do this from the comfort of your armchair, its all on-line now so just click on any of the any of the Register or Membership Plan links on the site.

Regulations can be found following the link below.

MX5 Cup Championship Regulations

The “5 Club Racing” Team


2016 MX5 Cup Championship Opens For Business

Hi Guys,

Good news, we are finally able to begin registration for the 2016 MX5 Cup Championship, the registration process has now been automated and placed on-line.

Login to the “5 Club Racing” website if you already have a login, then click on any of the Register or Membership Plan links on the site, unregistered users just need to click the links, this will take you to the relevant page(s) to begin the registration process.

Please read the on-line registration form carefully, make sure you fill out the form in full, all fields are required, any information you do not know, like “Transponder No.” for example, just put “Unknown/Renting” or something similar.

Please make sure your name, address, etc. is all correct, we cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly entered information which leads to incorrectly processed applications.

Last years race numbers will be put on retention for last years entrants until the 17th of January, after that numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Numbers 1 to 6 are reserved.

You can ignore the “Coupon Code” field as this does not need to be filled out unless you have been given a “Coupon Code” by Alyn prior to registration.

Once you have completed the form click the “Purchase MX5 Cup Championship Entrance” button, this will take you to PayPal using your entered email address as the default PayPal login address, change as necessary then enter you password and complete the purchase. Once the payment has completed you will be automatically redirected back to the “5 Club Racing” website to the confirmation page. You will receive email notifications for your transaction, these may be delayed up to 24 hours While PayPal processes your payment.

Please remember you have to be a member of the 750mc as well as “5 Club Racing” in order to register, so if your 750mc membership has expired please don’t forget to renew this before submitting your MX5 Cup Championship registration.

As this is a new process please let us know if you experience any problems so that we may address them as soon as possible.

Darren and Alyn



2016 Race Calendar (Provisional)

Hi everyone, please find below the 2016 provisional race calendar as announced at the awards night, the calendar is unlikely to change much, if at all from this, we will send out an update as soon as we have final confirmation for the calendar.

2 April Oulton Park
23/24 April Brands Hatch (Indy)
21/22 May Croft
25/26 June Snetterton 300
16/17 July Anglesey
6/7 August Cadwell Park
21/21 August Silverstone (International)
10/11 September Rockingham
1/2 October Donington
+ Zandvoort last meeting, for championship final rounds (date to be announced)



Awards Night

Hi Folks,

The racing is over and the crowns have been placed, so its time to gather for the glamorous “5 Club Racing” awards evening and dinner dance.

An evening not to be missed, with fun, food and fluid plentiful. This years event will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport, Derby, further details and tickets can be found using the following link.

“5 Club Racing” Awards Evening and Dinner Dance Booking

Look forward to seeing you all there,