Round 1 Donington News

Dear Competitor,

After hearing and seeing your comments regarding garages, we have managed, after some wrangling, to secure some garages for Donington, which I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to hear considering the inclement weather we’ve all been experiencing recently. Garages 1 to 12 are allocated to “5 Club Racing” on Saturday. Please make sure we share the garages fully,  2 cars to a garage, as space will be tight due to the volume of entries.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that we’ve extended qualifying to 20 minutes, so you now have longer to master the challenge that is “Donington Park”. However there is a trade-off, we will be sharing the session with the “Honda Civic Cup”. This is unfortunate and we are not terribly happy about the situation, this is mainly due to the lack of cars entered for the “Civic Cup” at the entry closing date, and because we have track space the “750mc” asked us to combine the two sessions, so in the interests of building our reputation with our new host club, and on your behalf, we have agreed.

This will be a one-off and is only for the qualifying session.

Finally, after a great days racing and once the garages have been cleared, I hope some of you will stay over and let me buy you a beer and socialise.


To mark 75 years to the day since the club’s inaugural meeting and provide a place to socialise or just shelter (it is March!) There will be a cash bar with complementary buffet.

Also present will be P1 Sim Racer( for those who find themselves needing a bit more racing on the Donington GP layout!