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  • Dan Blake

Race Duration Change Sees Extended Track Time For 2020

The 5 Club MX-5 Cup will see extended track time in 2020 compared to 2019. A long standing 750 Motor Club race duration format has changed for 2020, giving competitors even more value for money and extra laps of racing.

Since the inception of the championship in 2015, a standard race distance of 13 minutes plus 1 lap, was utilised across many 750 Motor Club formulae. 750 Motor Club have now changed the durations of all championships to eradicate the plus one lap element and the races have now been rounded up to 15 minutes. Shorter tracks like Brands Hatch Indy and Mallory Park for example is where you will see the most benefit from the rule changes. It is predicted with this new race duration that each race could be an extra lap longer. Over the course of the season if each race is extended by one lap, this will be 22 extra laps of racing that we will get in compared to the previous format.

The first meeting of the season at Castle Combe on Easter Monday is where we will see the introduction of this new duration.

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