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How much does it cost to race with 5 Club?

You can purchase a second hand Mk1 MX-5 race car from : £4,000 – £6,000.
Safety Clothing incl. Helmet & FHR: aprox £600
Medical/ ARDS test/ MSA licence: £450
750 Membership: £95
Championship Registration: £275
Race entries (2024):

  • Croft                     - £tbc

  • Thruxton               - £tbc

  • Snetterton             - £tbc

  • Cadwell Park         - £tbc

  • Silverstone            - £tbc

  • Oulton Park           - £tbc

  • Donington Park     - £tbc

Tyres: £295 per set of 4 including shaving and delivery.
All tyres must be bought from the official 5 Club supplier and have the specific 5 Club racing markings.

Order Tyres Here


Is my car elligable?

The Full 2024 regulations can be found on the 750mc web site

Key requirements for technical eligibility...

Mazda MX-5 Mk1 (1989 – 1997)

Mazda B6 1600cc with standard induction, exhaust manifold and fuel system. The Championship restrictor plate must be fitted between the throttle body and Plenum chamber.


GAZ Gold Professional 

Tyres: (New for 2024)

  • Massimo Ottima Plus (size 195x50x15).

Minimum Weight: 960kg

All mandatory Motorsport UK safety requirements inc. 6-point roll cage w/ twin door bars

What is the restrictor plate and where do I get one?

The Championship restrictor plate must be fitted between the throttle body and Plenum chamber, this is a low cost method for the championship to maintain the power output we would expect to see from a standard MK1 engine.

The restrictor plate is supplied direct from the championship coordinator - contact us for more details.

How do I enter a race?


Assuming you have registered for the championship you should have been sent login details for the 750mc online race administration system.  If you havent received these details contact the 750mc office T: Tel: 01332 814548 or Email


Can I enter as a guest?

Whilst priority will always be given to our full season competitors, we will always do our best to accommodate guest entries so you can get a feel for our club.


Competitors not registered for the Championship will

not score points or qualify for Event awards.

Can I Arrive & Drive?

Yes, we have several teams within our paddock who are able to offer this race support services including race car hire.

I'm new to racing can I still race with you?

Of course... every season we welcome a new batch of novice  drivers to the paddock, providing you have your race license and a car you will be able to get racing.

Our grids feature drivers of all abilities which ensures competitive racing for all comers, and the drivers and teams throughout the paddock are always willing to offer a helping hand and some friendly advice.

Where can I purchase the championship specification tyres?

Place you orders for tyres here

Where can I find the championship regulations?


For up to date regulations and championship bulletins checkout the 5 Club area on the 750 MC website here.

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