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Steve Foden: I'd Love For Some Mixed Conditions On Sunday

Steve Foden arrives at Donington Park, as the closest challenger, to championship leader Ben Hancy. Foden sits just one point behind Hancy and with 202 points to play for, a swing of two positions over the course of the day, could be enough to see Foden crowned our 2020 champion.

With the delayed start of the season, like many of our drivers, just being able to get on track in 2020 has been important to Foden, " To be honest, we were just glad to get out in the car, after the delayed start to the season, with all the COVID stuff going on!"

Foden arrived at Snetterton in July with no expectations as to how the 2020 season would transpire, " We just go out to enjoy every weekend and if we get some good results then so be it, I personally didn't have any expectations for the season, as long as I come away from a weekend with a smile on my face and no damage I'm happy."

Foden's main highlight of the season, was his first visit to Castle Combe, in Wiltshire, where he enjoyed some very close racing at the front of the field, taking two third places and a fourth " Having never driven that circuit before and being on the pace off the bat was amazing. It was nice to have Ali Bray out for the meeting too, four wide into Quarry at 109MPH is a little scary to say the least."

Going into the weekend, Foden is excited to be able to get this last race meeting in, following the original meeting in November, being postponed due to the country going into lockdown measures, " I'm really excited, we've had this postponed for a month due to the second lockdown and it'll be be great to get back out in the car and have some fun with the guys. "

With the final meeting of the season taking place in the middle of December, Foden is looking forward to some mixed conditions and thinks the Avon runners may have extra hurdles to jump over, " Personally I'd love for some mixed conditions on Sunday, I think the colder weather won't suit the Avon's, we've seen issues in the past of really struggling for tyre temperature in cold weather, so we need to manage that."

With the championship on the line, Foden is looking to build on the momentum gained at Mallory Park, a meeting which saw him claim his first win of the season , " It's very much a case of going out and enjoying the racing, the win at Mallory has given me a boost in motivation, I kinda threw away the first race there though by locking up into the hairpin on lap 2 after taking the lead, so that win is overshadowed by some things I did wrong that day."

With 16 drivers mathematically able to take the championship before the first race starts, the competition on Sunday is something that Foden relishes, " Jason Greatrex is always quick around Donington and Callum Greatrex has been quick this year. Fraser Fenwick, who I believe is going to be racing as an invitational entry, will spice things up at the front along with obviously Ben Short. Ben Hancy is a fantastic racer, I think we have both had our good and bad weekends this season and that is what has put us in this exciting position for the final meeting."

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