Go Racing

I want to race, but how do I start?

So basically you’ve done a few track days and perhaps been to one or two of our meeting, but now you really want to have a bash at this racing lark. Obviously you are the fastest driver to grace this earth and being highly competitive you are now capable of rubbing paint with our top club racers.

So lets not deter your enthusiasm and get you on the road to your first race. The four basic steps to get you racing are as follows.

  1. Get a Race Licence
  2. Join the motley crew of “5 Club Racing “
  3. Register for a championship or series
  4. Enter a race

1. Get a Race Licence

First off you will need to apply to the MSA for a “Go Racing Pack“.

The pack will include the applications forms and a useful DVD/video outlining some of the things you will come across in your A.R.D.S Course (The Association of Racing Driving Schools).

You need to complete your Race Licence Application Form and Medical Form, which your GP needs to complete after giving you a full medical.

Its best to get your medical done before your ARDS course, it could save you a few pennies if you fail your medical.

The Association of Racing Driving Schools, which are situated at most of the race circuits in the UK, run one-day courses which include theory tests of your basic knowledge of motor sport (flag signals, etc.) and a practical ‘test’ of your ability to drive safely around a circuit.

Assuming your doctor is happy with your physical condition and you pass your ARDS course, you can then apply to the MSA for your National B Race Licence.

When you receive your licence, you get another pack which includes a copy of the MSA Year Book (commonly called the Blue Book). This contains all the General Regulations of the MSA. You should pay close  attention to the safety section its essential reading, but the rest could  send you to sleep.

Apply to the MSA for a Go Racing Pack.

2. Join “5 Club Racing “

This is pretty straight forward, you can do this all from the comfort of your arm chair, right here, right now. Just join our club by selecting on of the registration options “Standard Membership” or “MX5 Cup Championship” and pay the applicable fee.

3. Register for championship or series

Well, if you have just paid for a “MX5 Cup Championship” membership to “5 Club Racing” you are now already entered into club championship.

4. Enter a race

Simply look at the “Event Calendar” on our site, pick an event you would like to enter, then book the event through our affiliate host club the “750 Motor Club”, you will have to register with the 750 Motor Club in order to book any events, please contact info@5clubracing for further details on this, as the host club processes are ever changing. You can book as far in advance as you like, but spaces may be limited so don’t leave it too late or you will miss out.

This is all assuming you have a car of the correct class and specification to enter the race you’ve selected. If you don’t you have a couple of options open to you

  1. Build a car
  2. Borrow a car
  3. Hire a car

The third option, to hire a car is a good starting point if you are unsure if racing is really for you. Rather than spend a large sum of money going through the process of buying or building a car and getting everything you need together in order to get to the track and compete for the day. If you hire an already prepared car, it would also be supported by a team of seasoned drivers and mechanics, so your day is pretty much sorted for you, all you need to do pay you way, turn up, sign on, go to your drivers briefing, get in the car and drive the t**s off it. However beware, if you bend or break it, you have to pay for it, but its a great way to get you into racing.


If you still unsure and need more question answering, just turn up to any race meeting and we, the entire club, racers and organisers, would be more than happy to answer any questions you have or give you some additional guidance.

Good luck, we hope to see you at a race meeting soon.