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And the tyres....

As we approach the end of another year, my mind is on 2021. Despite the best efforts of the pandemic we have seen fantastic grids at all 2020 meetings with an enviable paddock atmosphere, and much of what we, by which I mean you, have all achieved is based on fairness and general comradery. For your help and support I thank and salute you. For the past few seasons our regulations have evolved to allow for a number of tyre brands which has served a purpose. However with the Davanti tyres now phased out and the Hankooks no longer being manufactured it's time to address the issue and look to a fresh, single make approach. This will also help us all to trim costs and negate gains made by choosing a particular tyre for a given condition/circuit.

Some may be aware that Avon spent some time and effort developing a tyre specifically for MX5 racing. This is an evolution of the ZV7 currently in our regulations and seems the most logical choice. To this end I have spoken to Avon directly and agreed a deal.

Avon ZV7 MX5 marked Moulded tyres will be the only tyre eligible for the championship for 2021. I am aware a number of competitors have some of the current ZV7 road tyres, so as to get some use from them they will be eligible up to and including the second meeting in 2021.

As a bonus, to help with the change, anyone who signs up to the 2021 championship in Dec, can order 2 tyres from Avon and get 2 free.

I hope this works for everyone and we can enjoy the same quality of meeting as we did in 2020.

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